Our History

EagleClaw was established in February of 2005 when the Principals left their previous firm after over 40 years of collective tenure, and over 60 years in the investment management, income tax preparation and estate planning business. While working at an ever-growing international firm, they directly witnessed the policy change toward subordinating the client to the firm, and applying a "one size fits all" model for the investment process. 

What sprang from this is a truly independent investment boutique, where we still build portfolios one-by-one, tailored specifically to meet the client's goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. Our professionals understand that money is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. Our well-structured process allows us to identify what the clients’ real aspirations are, and to determine the trade-offs they are willing to make to get there. The path toward the "ideal" life is carefully monitored and updated within the context of an "acceptable" outcome. 

Our investment philosophy incorporates fundamental analysis with a technical overlay, and emphasizes a non-consensus contrarian style. We focus on buying good businesses, using market volatility to be opportunistic, and investing with a long-time horizon. To read more about our investment process and asset allocation, click here.

EagleClaw’s proven commitment to providing clients with exceptional service has lead key partnerships with the industry’s leading vendors who provide us with the tools and resources to provide our clients with the same array of products and services available at a much larger institution. To read more about our partners, click here.